Work performed at ENEA

OSE High Availability Solution

In an effort to effectively compete in the real-time embedded operating system market ENEA has funded a development project that entailed the "from the ground up" design of a High Availability CompactPCI solution targeted at Motorola's CPX 8216 High Availability platform.

The developed system offered Hot Swap capability (both I/O and CPU cards) on Motorola 8216 CompactPCI chassis that is integrated with the company's current offerings.

As before, I used well proven techniques (UML based analysis and design) to arrive at the solution.

The project has been completed, was on schedule and below budget.

I had collected development statistics for this project and found that ~5000 (physical) LOCs of original C++ code was written in 7 weeks. This time frame includes formal unit testing, as well as, on target integration (design time not included).

Laszlo Kiss — (602) 418-9922