Work performed at Motorola

Distributed Location Service

This service was designed to be one of the core services of a high availability voice over IP switching system. Its purpose was to make completely transparent to end user (telecom provider) applications the location of core services (such as server addresses, port numbers, protocols used or CORBA interfaces).

Applications needing services simply connected to a local agent to which they identified the service type they needed. The agent then connected to the Location Service server and obtained the instance of a matching server and returned it to the calling application. With this technique it was possible to perform load balancing on the available servers as well.

During this assignment I had the opportunity to get familiar with directory services (LDAP) as well as CORBA Naming Service and the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).

Since this assignment culminated in the delivery of the Requirements Package consisting of Use Cases, UML Analysis Model and preliminary architecture, unfortunately I did not get a chance to implement it.

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