Work performed at Boeing under contract to Iridium

Iridium Software Test Environment

Developed 16+ ASIC models and the required support infrastructure to the extent that unaltered on orbit mission software was successfully running, sans any telecomm functionality. Vehicle commanding and telemetry was achieved.

Subsequently, led a team of 7 additional developers (in two geographic locations) in enhancing and integrating the vehicle simulation with existing test software systems. The end result is an environment that replaces a very expensive (and cumbersome) hardware environment with a flexible and scalable whole system simulation runnable on a laptop. Part of this work involved adapting an open source distributed software architecture (PVM3) to support the various computing environments utilized by the software test team. Various other open source components were also used on this project, including Lua which was used as an embedded scripting language of choice.

In support of the above vehicle simulation I developed a ground station simulation element which is used to communicate with the simulated vehicle using a modified LAP-D protocol called ILAP. I was responsible for developing the entire protocol stack, first for Sparc hardware then for x86 Linux and Mac OS X. This element is capable of supporting the actual mission ground station software if necessary.

As a pre-cursor to the above work I modified the GNU debugger's PowerPC simulator (psim) to boot flight software.

In addition to having responsiblities for flight software elements, I was heading the rearchitecting of the test environment to support both the current and the next generation Iridium satellite software systems.

Laszlo Kiss — (602) 418-9922