Work performed at Boeing under contract to Iridium

Iridium Communication Satellite Software

This assignment is a direct result of having worked on the initial development of the Iridium system at Motorola. The Iridium satellite constellation is currently maintained and operated by The Boeing Company. My responsibilities are multi-faceted and include both maintenance and new subscriber service development of the flight software. Also created various software tools for handling on board flash storage formats.

Co-developer of a high speed telemetry capability which allows operators to record key parameters of critical systems of the satellite. These monitors are real-time uploadable and have the ability to take autonomous action should the vehicle suffer anomalous conditions. Space vehicles have actually been saved because of this capability. It is also used by flight hardware engineers to obtain precise data about the long term behavior of the communication hardware. Developed a Java (and XML) based tool set that is used to decode the recorded information.

Responsible for implementing some unique capabilities associated with the inter-satellite K-band links. Novel techniques were used to obtain orbit determination data, as well as, enhanced satellite attitude control information for vehicles with reduced capabilities. Created algorithms that enable resource allocation search functions to take place while maintaining real-time responsiveness.

Also responsible for maintaining portions of the vehicle software's low level C++ framework, called arhictecture.

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