Work performed at Boeing under contract to Iridium

Iridium GPS Service Enhancement

The project is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux based high availability service with redundant servers. High availability is achieved by a primary/backup pair of systems that rely on the ENEA Element High Availability Middleware for inter process communication and service monitoring. My responsiblity was for writing a C++ facade that reduced the complexity/minutia of using the ENEA services, such as, interprocess communication, commanding and configuration.

The front end services TCP/IP connections from GPS client systems that transmit millions of messages to the system for processing. I utilized the Boost ASIO C++ infrastructure to deal with this aspect of the system.

The back end communicates with the Iridium satellite network via an ILAP communication protocol stack. Here message metering was critical to assure proper utilization of bandwidth resources. I used a custom Boost threads based solution to deal with the 66 satellites that communicate with the service.

Development was done using the Boeing Agile process that is based on Scrum. The team utilized iterations and continuous integration to achieve project goals.

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